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Technical Support

We have perfect training system, so that customers can easily understand quickly at parkway and special products using method, rapid application in production line. The training content involves sales of technical support, product technical exchanges, product demonstrations and characteristics description

Technical guidance
We have the industry¡¯s most experienced engineer for you provide the technical guidance, and ensure the remit and special products to customers quickly produce benefit, we have a different industry application guide experience, they are willing to share your same high-efficient quality control experience. Technical guidance content involves customer remote and the scene of technical support and problem solving, and technology exchange, the site training.
We know the work for the customer share, frequent and fixed the work to collect especially after engineers service for you, let the customer focus more on valuable core business. Regular maintenance and maintenance work include precision calibration, routine maintenance.
Software upgrade
Our products are widely used in different industries, we set for each industry workstation, collect customer feedback information. Through optimization improved software system can improve the efficiency in the use of special products at parkway, so as to guarantee the product quality and increasingly perfect. Software upgrade the service content including regular upgrade, the entire software free upgrades, specific software upgrades.
Annual service
We know the work for the customer share, frequent and compact work schedule to the customer can¡¯t be accurately understand product use, the annual maintenance services can collect especially for you make annual maintenance plan, and regularly remind and complete the door maintenance work.


Intelligent analysis
Rapid recognition, improve efficiency, reduce the use of cost. The market competition is ......


PCC process
BESTEMP temperature test analysis system is a high efficient, convenient, easy operation and wide......


Application system
BESTEMP temperature test analysis system can meet Windows/Android system operation......


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