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High temperature heat treatment

The high temperature heat treatment thermal performance analysis

Under high temperature metal and glass heat treatment industry, to get the exact product and environment temperature is the quality of the finished product key. Temperature curve, can also help to eliminate costly rework or loss, and to minimize the cost and maximize the production efficiency of the products.

In order to meet very specific application needs," furnace mapping system" can be derived from a data recorder, thermal protective barrier and the choice of thermocouple assembly, and complete with professional analysis software for data storage and analysis. BESTEMP ®with radio telemetry system, provide a complete thermal analysis system of real-time data analysis. You can use the furnace mapping system are investigated, and generate reports, in order to meet regulatory requirements.

BESTEMP is at a temperature analysis system reliability, accuracy and robust design can withstand the harsh environment, found in a hostile thermal treatment process which is famous for its design and manufacturing industry leader. Discuss your application needs, please contact your local BESTEMP sales office.

aluminum processing
steel manufacturing
glass manufacturing
high pressure sterilizer and its application

Aluminum processing

Aluminum brazing applications using BESTEMP temperature analysis system, will help to ensure the correct temperature.

aluminum brazing - controlled atmosphere furnace and vacuum furnace
aluminum alloy solid solution treatment
aluminum log homogeneous
aluminum ingot heating furnace

Iron and steel manufacturing

BESTEMP furnace mapping system is completed, for the iron and steel industry provides a unique solution, to meet the needs of small in the size of the heat treatment of steel application scope. BESTEMP design" stage evaporation insulation system" remain in a stable working temperature data logger, in furnace temperature exceeds 1300° C/2372° F. BESTEMP analysis system are the most common uses include:

Spring steel, Quenched and tempered

reheat: steel slabs and billets
annealing: steel, steel tube, steel sandwich, steel gear blank of rich and Guang Liang annealing furnace
• vitrious glazing
steel homogeneous
vacuum carburizing
furnace mapping

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