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The electronics industry

In the electronics industry in the thermal performance analysis

Almost all commercial electronic devices use printed circuit boards and electronic components connected. Reflow soldering is a circuit board manufacturing process important link, which partially melting the solder and heating the adjacent to the surface is the most crucial, insufficient temperature and overheating will damage to electronic components. These factors are related to the enterprises profit ability. BESTEMP X4i helps determine the uneven heating or temperature is too high, solve the problem of temperature in a reflow furnace on the unbalanced.

" BESTEMP X6i ®temperature mapping system" in the process, so you can monitor the reflow soldering process, as well as the gas phase, selective soldering and rework station. With this system, you can immediately understand the production process, products maximize the throughput, yield and profit, reduce waste.

The most common electronic industrial applications include

• Reflow soldering reflow soldering
• Wave soldering wave soldering
• Vapor phase soldering vapor phase soldering
• Conformal coating and curing conformal coating and curing

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