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Food processing

In the processing of food in the thermal performance analysis

Not all food processing are the same. Each process has its own challenges, it will be the space, time and environmental effects. Especially in the public health sector, there can be no risk. Food processing is related to human life and health, any errors are possible for your business and customers bring disastrous consequences.

" BESTEMP X6i ®food mapping system", including the X6i software, data collector, thermal protection barriers and a thermocouple. To provide accurate and reliable products and environmental temperature was measured by means of HACCP data analysis and the regulations of the basic requirements and process validation. The food industry is subject to very strict quality requirements, no data can significantly affect the quality of the product.

" BESTEMP X6i ®food mapping system, can include increased as humidity measurement, a food tray and thermocouple jig, and X6i radio real-time temperature monitoring and automatic measuring and reporting system. You can also use this information to optimize your process temperature.

Common applications include food processing:

• Poultry Processing poultry processing
• Meat Processing meat processing
• Seafood Processing aquatic products processing
• Baking baking
• Pasteurization & Sterilization pasteurization and sterilization
• Other Food Processing other food processing

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