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Industrial coatings

In the industrial coatings thermal performance analysis

" BESTEMP ®thermal analysis system" to provide a variety of industrial painting technology and application environment temperature measurement is accurate and reliable data. All BESTEMP system includes professional software, data recorder, protection of thermal barrier and thermocouple selection. Our system to help you understand the change of temperature, improving products quality and profitability, in the following aspects:

product quality - to prove your oven provides the necessary curing time, you need the product properties of coatings.
process validation - create certified traceable personal data report, proof of your production process control is supported by the. To customers and regulators ( QUALICOAT, ISO9000, CQI-12) to provide a single page report, for you to win a contract for next year.
optimize productivity and efficiency - the use of accurate personal information data, in order to optimize your oven. Maximize production efficiency, reduce the power consumption. Just imagine, the potential energy savings,12 months production costs can be reduced to 5%.
• fast problem solving - Common oven, the software will recommend corrective procedures or contact our local sales engineer. We will within 24 hours to help you solve the problem.

Please note, our product recommendations based on the most common application. For the specific needs, please contact your local sales office.

Automobile manufacturing industry

" BESTEMP ®thermal analysis system" used in automobile manufacturing applications, from whole body painting individual look and interiors:

In automobile assembly automobile body shell coating: coat, PVC sealant / adhesive, surface primer, primer, top / varnish. Recommended products: oven mapping XL2or customized furnace system

coating for automobile plant parts and accessories. Recommended products: oven XL2 mapping, EasyTrack2 or a custom furnace system.
aluminum alloy wheels, fenders ( bumper ) and external decoration, the rearview mirror shell, a roof rack, the headlight housing
engine block, oil filters, brake pads, air bag
internal decoration, control panel, the rubber door seal, inner cloth cover

Coatings, powder coatings and custom

" Furnace mapping system" are widely used in paint and other OEM processing company. Inner powder coating oven mapping are also provide customized services, to be applied to the special requirements of the manufacturers, to meet the needs of products of various technical requirements. Paint, powder. Coating product list includes:

building external and internal structure of the work
agricultural and construction equipment
safety and multiple types of fencing
appliances ( white home appliance )
office, home and outdoor metal furniture
fire extinguishers and gas cylinders
bicycles and childrens outdoor play equipment
wood and MDF ( MDF ) product

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